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Stormproof Windows

We manufacture a broad range of traditional windows employing the most sophisticated technology. Although our window frames come with many advanced elements, they still have a traditional appearance to make your home a timeless wonder. Our stormproof hardwood windows boast the Regency style that can revamp your atmosphere with their engraved design visible on inside as well as outside of the frame.

When it comes to different safety elements, each hardwood window we offer is equipped with a multi-point shoot bolt locking system that has the ability of getting locked in the open position. The presence of twin gaskets both inside and outside coupled with the sash being set on an extremely durable locking gear allows for the extreme level of weathering protection.

Our storm proof traditional windows are crafted marvelously from the high-quality timber and made shiny through sanding and the eventual hand spraying.

Our regency style sliding sash hardwood windows can make your home the envy of all. Making the most of modern manufacturing methods in conjunction with the best-quality materials, we offer a hardwood window matching your preferences. Moreover, our expertise in installing stormproof windows gives you the added advantage.

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